Frequently Asked Questions

Dry cleaning: contrary to the misconception, this mode of cleaning is not dry but involves the incorporation of other mediums (solvents), rather than water to clean fabrics. Solvents in dry cleaning are less reactive and milder in terms of cleaning, providing a cleaning solution for fabrics susceptible to water. Contrary to wet cleaning, dry cleaning is a closed system, and the solvent is filtered and reused.

Prominent solvents in the industry are:

  • Perchloroethylene: known as Perc is a hydrocarbon-based solvent identified on care labels as ℗ and is widely used due to high reactivity with oil stains, which can be boosted by special detergents and the sizing agent providing the best cleaning amongst all other dry cleaning solvents with a minimal limitation.
  • Green Earth: a patented technology developed by Green Earth utilizes silica-based solvent – being inert – means chemical reactivity is at zero and only acts as a medium – detergents and other additives boost cleaning. It can clean all those items that cannot be cleaned in regular dry cleaning and wet cleaning. It is also friendlier to the environment compared to Perc due to its nature but much weaker in terms of cleaning and oil stain removal.

Regular washing (Laundry): as known to everybody, involves the use of water and detergent to clean garments. Factors involved in such procedure are;

  • Water – as the best medium being the best solvent with high chemical reactivity and the ability to penetrate in the fabric resulting in the best cleaning
  • Water Temperature – the higher the temperature, the better the cleaning result with more possibility of risk
  • Alkalinity – the higher the PH, the better the cleaning with increased risk
  • Mechanical action – the more mechanical action, the better cleaning with higher risk to the fabric
  • Detergent – reacts readily with water facilitating removal of dirt from fabric

Modern laundry’s concept is well-known in the market for its highest level of professionalism in the following areas:

  • Fully automated state of the art washing and dry cleaning systems with automatic dosing units and incorporation of the most innovative green technologies.
  • A network of 20 outlets conveniently and strategically located in community malls and stopovers across UAE.
  • A network of 5 van salespeople is readily available for pick-up and delivery as per your convenience
  • Full range of added value services, carpet and upholstery cleaning – permanent creasing solution – soft toys, strollers, and children accessories complemented by Green Earth sanitization services.

Normal service turnover is two working days from the date of collection of your items.

Rush service turnover is one working day from the date of collection of your items. Customers will be charged 50% extra for all rush orders. Same day service is available till noon. Customers will be charged 100% extra for all same-day service.

We always strive to provide our services to all the emirates. Currently, we have a very strong presence in Dubai, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates.

Yes, we have a specialist department for curtains & upholstery cleaning.

Yes, we clean, sanitize and deodorize all kinds of baby accessories, including strollers, car seats, soft toys, pads, high chairs, baby cots, food chairs, etc.

Yes, we clean mattresses using specialized cleaning methods. Also, in-house visits can be arranged for on-site cleaning.

Yes, we clean and sanitize all layered items like boots, uniforms, and customs.

Yes, we have a special wedding gown cleaning program.

Yes, you are more than welcome to visit our facility with prior coordination to best serve you. Kindly email

We have more than 20 retail outlets located strategically in different areas of Dubai and The Northern Emirates. You can find the location of our shops on our website ( our mobile app.

Yes, you can call our call center number 050-186 2474 anytime, and you will be directed to one of our customer service representatives waiting to serve you.

Expensive gowns and silk items are indeed a challenge and should not be trusted with just any dry cleaner. At Modern Laundry, we have a dedicated gown cleaning and preservation program that will prolong the life of the gown. Silk finishing program at Modern Laundry will help restore the sheen for which silk items are loved.

The maximum compensation payable by the company will be ten times the charge on the bill related to that particular item.